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Setups for Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is a Debina-Ubuntu distribution designed for media development.  It comes with a powerful suite of audio, video and graphics tools that makes for a great workstation.  Mostly, everything just works.  It uses the Xfce desktop that is lightweight but a bit spartan compared with Ubuntu’s gorgeous Unity desktop.  I like Xfce more, and it is better for a workstation.

Jack Audio Connection Kit

The Jack Audio Connection kit connects up all your audio applications and interfaces within the computer.  It comes working out of the box in Ubuntu.  For serious work, a bit more setup is a good idea.  There is lots of advise on the internet that is outdated for Jack.

NetJack connects computer’s audio together in a network.  Not for the weak hearted, but very powerful.


Rivendell is a powerful and competent open source complete radio automation system.  You can get it free as a completely set up Centos based “appliance” that will run an entire radio station on a garden variety desktop from Paravel Systems.  (They will also sell you computers all set up to run, and provide technical support)  You can use it as the basis of an entire radio production center with server, multiple workstations, integration with audio workstations, etc. You could extend the appliance, but miss out on all the other features that Ubuntu Studio brings to the party.  You will get guides here for using Rivendell whether you use the Paravel appliance or adding it to Ubuntu Studio.

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IP Addresses for LANs

There are currently two systems for IP addressing – IP version 4 and IP version 6.  Version 6 is important because the world is running out of IP version 4 addresses, as there are only a little more than 4.23 trillion addresses, and we have used most of them up. We are going to concern

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Network Setup for Rivendell and NetJack

The physical connections between computers running Rivendell and/or NetJack should be done with a bit of thought.  There are some special considerations in any network that carries real time audio or files that must be served on an exact schedule.  This “real time” requirement is different than most computer needs where a document or web

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Use PulseAudio with Jack Audio Connection Kit?

Ubuntu Studio 14.04 uses Pulseaudio -> Alsa -> Jack as the connection interface for audio devices.  Pulseaudio is a very simple interface, and with it most audio cards just “show up” and play with Jack as the pulseaudio-sink and pulseaudio-source devices on the Jack patchbay. In the olden days (Ubuntu Studio 10.04 and before) Pulseaudio

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Where to get Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio 14.04.x is a distribution of Ubuntu that is available for download as a .iso file, which is a DVD image file.  You need to download the torrent or .iso from the UbuntuStudio.org download page.  A .iso is directly downloaded using Firefox, Chrome or IE.  A torrent will download a lot faster but you

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Don’t Edit /etc/security/limits.conf

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There are a number of sites that say to edit /etc/security/limits.conf. Ubuntu Studio 14.04.2 automatically makes the entries for Jack in /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf on installation. The debian.tryphon.eu  Rivendell package automatically sets them up in /etc/security/limits.d/rivendell.conf These files get read in by an include statement in /etc/security/limits.conf so all is good, don’t edit limits.conf. The general philosophy

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Hardware for Audio – Server and Workstation

A Rivendell workstation with Jack2 and Netjack to work with a server needs a reliable motherboard with an X64 processor (not strictly needed) probably two cores, Several Gigs (4?) of Memory, and if to be used with a server for audio storage and database, probably 80 Gigs of hard disk.  If the machine will be

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